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Making Exercise a Priority: Bodyweight Workout at Home

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I hope you forgive me for not posting a workout last week, there is this thing called “searching for our first home” that is super fun but you have to put in the time to find a great place. It was one of those weeks where I felt I was just squeezing everything I had to do in a very short amount of time. I used to say, “I just didn’t have any time to workout last week”, “OMG, last week was so crazy I just didn’t have the energy”, etc blah blah blah.  I’ve slowly realized I was just making excuses and allowed the stress I felt to make me think I didn’t have enough time. Stress was something I had to learn to manage. During those busy weeks that we all have, we just need to make working out a priority, which really means making ourselves a priority. There is always time for that.

A good workout can be done in 7 minutes if you are in a time crunch. Trust me, 7 minutes of burpees makes you feel like you just ran a marathon. I tend to try to do at least a 20-30 minute body weight workout at home if I know I won’t have time to go to the gym. Sometimes when I don’t think I could possibly get a good workout in, I tell myself to just stretch for 5 minutes and then after that I feel a little better, so I stretch for another 10, and by that point I’m ready for a work out. It’s one of those things I do to trick myself into getting ready for a workout. Works like a charm.

The workout listed below is one I recruited my friend Alex to do with me while the hubster took photos. (It was his off day). It took just under 30 minutes and we were able to do the workout just in the yard and in the street.

10 walking lunges per side

10 slow pushups

10 deep side to side lunges

Repeat X 3

Rest 2-3 minutes

1 minute plank

15 seconds hold squat position

15 seconds mountain climbers

15 seconds hold right forward lunge

15 seconds cross body mountain climbers

15 seconds hole left forward lunge

Repeat X 3


Push ups


Walking Lunge



Author: Erica Van Treese

I live an exciting, adventurous life with my husband Ben (he can take credit for the adventurous part). We live in little ol' Columbus and we just love this city! I'm an organizer with OCD (self-diagnosed). My husband turned me into a crazy water ski competitor and taught me how to jump off a 5 foot ramp going 32mph to see how far I can go, and sometimes I don't land the way I should (The whole ski community is a little coo coo, but I love them). I love pizza, and when I proclaim my love for pizza all my friends go "We know". My favorite thing is when my family and friends gather for a meal, and there is banter and wine. I love art and looking at beautiful things and I believe every item of decor in a home should have a meaning and a story behind it. I love food and exercising, but just like any other person there are days I really don't feel like going to the gym or I just rather throw in a pizza in the oven for dinner (and sometimes I do). This blog is a reflection of my love for being happy and my journey on eating right and exercising to achieve a higher level of happiness.

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