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Turkey Sausage: All the scrumptious taste without the artery clogging properties!


Turkey sausage + eggs + avocado + broccoli + cheese + english muffin + coffee/tea + banana = the Breakfast BOSS

I love me some sausage (redneck accent). I really do. There is something about the juicy, spicy, and fatty part of it all the just makes your mouth water. I always kick myself after indulging in something really fatty (bad fat) but…my friends….(drumroll)…..I found away around that guilt!!! I introduce you to homemade turkey sausage!

Prep/Cook time: 15 minutes

Turkey Sausage Ingredients

1 lb ground turkey

1 tbl  honey

1/2 tsp sage

1 tsp black pepper

Other Breakfast ingredients

Sauteed veggies of your choosing- We used leftover avocado and broccoli that was sauteed the day before

Cheese of your choosing

3 eggs

2 whole grain English Muffins

Ketchup (Ben puts this on every egg dish he eats. This is most definitely optional and I do judge people who add ketchup to their eggs..j/k ) 😉



  1. Add two skillets to the stove with olive oil. One is for the turkey sausage and the other is for the veggies and eggs. Turn the stove top for the turkey sausage on medium to high heat(5 or 6) and turn the other one on medium heat(3-4).
  2. If you haven’t already sautéed your veggies, go ahead and cut them to size and toss them in the skillet for 5-7 minutes before adding the eggs.
  3. While your veggies are heating up or being cooked, combine the ground turkey, honey, sage, and black pepper in a bowl and start to make small patties. Once patties are made, start adding them to the pan to cook. I try to make the patties the size of the bread I’ll be using, don’t forget they’ll shrink so make them a little bigger than what you want on the sammich.
  4. Once veggies are cooked, add the 3 eggs to the pan with the vegetables and scramble away!IMG_0787IMG_0789

At this point you’ll have to do some juggling between flipping and switching out the turkey sausage patties and stirring the eggs. I feel like you’re a multitasker so you can totally handle it. I also believe there is an art to making scrambled eggs. I think it’s best to stir them frequently so they stay soft and fluffy. There is also a perfect time to add the cheese and I may have figured it out. The idea is to look at the eggs and find that there is still a little uncooked egg on the top layer.  It will look like a thin layer of egg still needs cooked; it would approximately be 14.356% of the volume of the current egg ensemble (now I’m just being ridiculous), then sprinkle on the cheese of your choice! Don’t forget to keep stirring!!

Once the eggs and turkey sausage are done, I tend to put my english muffin in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds to warm it up so it splits evenly. Final step, compile your sammich!


 This breakfast made me as happy as the plate below looks. Hope you enjoy and it puts a smile on your face!





This homemade turkey sausage was inspired by this recipe: http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/eggs-turkey-breakfast-sausage


Author: Erica Van Treese

I live an exciting, adventurous life with my husband Ben (he can take credit for the adventurous part). We live in little ol' Columbus and we just love this city! I'm an organizer with OCD (self-diagnosed). My husband turned me into a crazy water ski competitor and taught me how to jump off a 5 foot ramp going 32mph to see how far I can go, and sometimes I don't land the way I should (The whole ski community is a little coo coo, but I love them). I love pizza, and when I proclaim my love for pizza all my friends go "We know". My favorite thing is when my family and friends gather for a meal, and there is banter and wine. I love art and looking at beautiful things and I believe every item of decor in a home should have a meaning and a story behind it. I love food and exercising, but just like any other person there are days I really don't feel like going to the gym or I just rather throw in a pizza in the oven for dinner (and sometimes I do). This blog is a reflection of my love for being happy and my journey on eating right and exercising to achieve a higher level of happiness.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Sausage: All the scrumptious taste without the artery clogging properties!

  1. I’m adding maple syrup instead of honey. Plz suggest…

    • Maple syrup is great to use in this recipe as a substitute for honey! Most of the recipes that I researched that were similar to what I wrote above listed maple syrup or brown sugar for this part of the recipe. I tend to have honey in the cabinet more often than I do maple syrup so I used honey instead. I think the maple syrup will give the turkey sausage patties a slightly different flavor but will be equally delicious!

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