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how taking care of your body will allow your soul to achieve a higher level of happiness

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Workout with the Boys

I think a girl should always have a few guy friends she can work out with. I’m lucky enough to have a few. I can’t do the same amount of weights as they can, they definitely have about 50 lbs on me but I can definitely keep up. I think all girls should have some lifting buddies that are male. But more on this with my next post about women and lifting weights 😉


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Favorite Terrible Workout of the Week

I try to make each workout tough and challenging, but for some reason, there is always one during the week that kicks me in the butt more than the others. I like to call this type of workout the “Favorite Terrible Workout of the Week.” I seem to have more willpower these days to take on more weight or to make sure I don’t take more rest in between circuits. Overall, I just feel pretty strong. These are also terrible because walking the rest of the day is challenging. It’s weird how you can feel so good after a workout like this, but your body is saying “ugh, I hate you right now for doing this to me!” Well, I encountered a Favorite Terrible Workout of the Week yesterday and I’d like to share it with you.   Continue reading