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how taking care of your body will allow your soul to achieve a higher level of happiness

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Homemade Autumn Granola

All these leaves in my yard are just waiting for me to rake them BUT they inspired me to make some fall recipes. Aka making some crunchy, scrumptious homemade granola was my excuse to NOT rake the leaves.


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Turkey Sausage: All the scrumptious taste without the artery clogging properties!

Turkey sausage + eggs + avocado + broccoli + cheese + english muffin + coffee/tea + banana = the Breakfast BOSS

I love me some sausage (redneck accent). I really do. There is something about the juicy, spicy, and fatty part of it all the just makes your mouth water. I always kick myself after indulging in something really fatty (bad fat) but…my friends….(drumroll)…..I found away around that guilt!!! I introduce you to homemade turkey sausage!

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Work {Out} in Chicago

Last week I had a conference in Chicago for work and I was excited to visit the Windy City. The only bad thing about traveling for work or even going back to your hometown or on a vacation for a few days, it can throw you out of your routine. Cooking is out of the question, your schedule is typically completely different, you’re in a different time zone,  and overall, you sometimes don’t feel like working out. I’ve done a better job of disciplining myself to make sure to eat right when I eat out and doing a workout no matter where I am.

I, of course, love my sleep. Wednesday I had to catch up on sleep since I had to get up early for the flight to Chicago on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday morning I was able to get a good work out in with my colleague, Caitlin. Out hotel was close to the Lake Michigan and of COURSE that’s what I wanted my view to be while we worked out.


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Avocado and Broccoli Quiche

I’m definitely one of those people who could eat breakfast for dinner…like every day. I make some killer gluten-free pancakes with dark chocolate chips and fruit with honey or some combination of eggs with vegetables and…well I guess that is about it. I’ll have to work on that list. Soooo….. I don’t have a lot up my sleeve in terms of quantity for breakfast recipes but what I do make for breakfast is quite delicious.One of my all time favorites is quiche! There is just something about the combination of the flaky, crunchy crust, and the warm, fluffy eggs. The leftovers, if there are any, still taste great, too. Enjoy!DSC00916

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