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how taking care of your body will allow your soul to achieve a higher level of happiness


Couscous Salad

I have this war with carbs (don’t we all!?) and sodium. While making this recipe, it reminded me how easy it is to just whip something up without really looking at the ingredients…and that is exactly what I did.

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Sweet Potato & Brussel Sprout Hash

Oh veggies…you are so hard to get enough of.

Since it’s hard to get the veggies our bodies need, I try to make a big pan full of veggies once a week. One of my recent favorites is a Sweet Potato & Brussel Sprout Hash. I never really cooked with brussel sprouts before but they are great when paired with something sweet like the lovely sweet potato. The sugary flavor, soft texture of the sweet potatoes balance the earthy, crunchy flavor of the brussel sprouts. I’m so in love that I make this once a week!

I hope you’ll love it, too!


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Baked Tilapia with an Avocado and Tomato Salad

Spring is here!

With spring comes the SUN but also a craving for some light, moist fish and bright red, juicy cherry tomatoes! Well, at least for me. 😉

This quick meal is great for a Sunday afternoon when your chore list includes: 5 loads of laundry, cleaning the car after a long winter, and picking up some groceries. This has been Erica-tested-Erica-approved.


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Bare Necessities Part I: Foam Roller

New Year is almost here and that means people are making New Year’s Resolutions!

A lot of resolutions are to be more active and that is great! If this is your resolution, you should also consider working to make your body more mobile. The more range of motion you have, the more exercises you’ll be able to do correctly, therefore, the more success you will have in your resolution.

One thing I couldn’t live without is my foam roller. I’m a little obsessed. I use it for 10-20 minutes everyday before I work out. Once a week I try to set aside one hour of a mobility/stretching session where I foam roll my whole body and do a bunch of stretching.

My foam roller is one of my BARE NECESSITIES!

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Shredded Pork Tacos with Pineapple Slaw

Smorgasbord. That describes the friends Ben and I have. Once every few weeks we have a few of them over for a “potluck” dinner.  I put quotations around “potluck” because I have them bring the ingredients that I then through into an already planned meal. If you tell your friends you will make them dinner as long as they bring 1-2 ingredients, they will never say no!

Most of the time, our friends may not know each other so that makes for new friendships and great conversation. Now, this is not some sort of select group of people we invite….it’s really just randomly selected. It goes like…”Oh, I haven’t seen this person in a while…let’s have them over.” It’s great fun! Most of the time, Ben and I don’t know who the other one has invited.



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