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Chicken with Mango Salsa

If you ask my mother-in-law what I like to eat for dinner, she’ll tell you chicken is not always my favorite protein. I used to be a liiiiiitle picky and there were a few times I would (hopefully, subtly and politely) opt out of the chicken for a PB & J sandwich. She still makes fun of me till this day, and rightfully so.

This recipe is an easy way to add flavor to chicken [not that my my mother-in-law’s chicken wasn’t flavorful 😉 ] In this recipe you’ll find a sweet and spicy mango salsa paired with juicy chicken! Clean up your drool and start cooking!


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Sweet n’ Sour Chicken

Sauces can make or break your dish. It’s also difficult to find a sauce you like without trying 20 different variations before you make the right one. I am here to tell you I have found THEE perfect sweet n’ sour sauce. Your search for the sweet n’ sour sauce of your dreams ends with this blog post.

This sauce only requires a few simple ingredients and just a short amount of time. This is an easy to make dinner for a busy family.DSC01124 Continue reading

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Rotisserie Chicken Wrap with Avocado Spread

Mindy, one of my best friends, and I had this plan to go to Highbanks Park on Sunday to hike, play, and picnic with Cohen, her 2 1/2 year old son, …but the weather had something else to say about that. (silly rain and lightning) So we brought the picnic inside!!

The goal was to gather healthy food that was easy to pack and eat. This also happens to be easy to to prepare! I had a sugar craving and  decided to make a BANANA PUDDING DESSERT! (yeaaaa buddy!)

I honestly forgot to take some final pictures of some of the food for this blog; we were so hungry we started eating things before we got pictures! We also forgot to cut up the tomato to put it in the wrap…we were delusional with hunger haha It was SO good!


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Chicken Tacos

I’m not a big fan of the processed seasoning or the beef for tacos, I really have no clue what it is but my stomach revolts against it. They taste SO good at the time I eat them anyway and later regret it. So I decided to make a taco without the beef and with a homemade taco seasoning. Serving size is 3-5 but when I eat with Ben, it’s serving size of 2 because he eats enough for 4 people. So if your significant other eats a lot, be prepared because this is delicious and won’t last long!


This kind of meal has a LOT of opportunities to swap ingredients and add on what you like. Let me know what variations you’ve tried and how you liked it!

Chicken Tacos!

Chicken Tacos!

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